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4 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for Better Car Care
By: Mighty Auto Parts | Monday, May 22nd, 2017 at 8:49 pm in Cabin Air Filter, Car Wash/Detail

4 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for Better Car Care

While cleaning your car is a great way to kick off spring, keeping it clean is a whole different story. From replacing your wiper blades to ensuring you have the right kind of wax and polish, it’s important to consult your local service center to make sure your car is in the best running shape possible. Mighty’s partners across the country are staffed with auto experts who will be happy to help, no matter what your automotive needs might be.

We’ve also put together a list of four ways to ensure your car is not only ready for any adventure but looks great as well.

Check Your Tire Pressure
It’s surprising how often this is overlooked. Too many spring break vacations and summer road trips are ruined because no one thought to check the tire pressure. Especially after a severe winter, this is an important way to ensure you are road-ready.

Wax and Polish Aren’t Just for Show
While regularly waxing your car helps it look great, it also ensures your car’s exterior is properly protected. Applying wax every few months is a great way to ensure that, rain or shine, your vehicle is ready to handle anything nature throws at it.

Add a Trash Can
Even if it’s just a plastic bag attached to the center console, having a trash bag in the car is an excellent step to making sure debris and junk don’t build up in your vehicle. Rather than leaving cups sitting there for days or stuffing pieces of paper in the various compartments, just keep a trash bag handy to collect it all.

What Goes In, Must Come Out
This is one that shouldn’t be too hard to follow through on. If you forget to do this, pretty soon you have a back seat full of old sweaters, board games, a few books and who knows what else. It’s pretty simple: if you bring something into the car, you should take it out once you get home.

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  1. Chariot Auto says:

    It is important to take good care of your car. See to it that you clean the inside of the car too. This can prevent your car from future damage and prolonged the car.

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