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Gain access to a wealth of real-world data – and the expertise to analyze it effectively. Thanks to our global scale, we can reveal new opportunities for your business.

Discover the Answers to These Important Questions

The Mighty Program is set up to help you answer very important questions around how your business can thrive in preventive maintenance services. We can help you answer questions like:

  1. What are your best opportunities to grow your preventive maintenance sales?
  2. How can you keep your inventory costs manageable while meeting the growing challenge of parts proliferation?

Mighty Performance Watch

The Challenges:  

  • Maintaining healthy, balanced sales of preventive maintenance services. 
  • Determining specific sales goals for each PM service 

The Solution: Mighty’s unique PerformanceWatch program. This free analysis compares your sales of 23 key services to national averages for your type of business. Then together with your Mighty sales rep, you can target categories where your shop could perform better and develop a strategy for capturing those potential sales. 

The result is increased preventive maintenance sales and profits. 

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Mighty ProfitWatch®

The Problem: Over time, your stocking inventory can become out of date resulting in obsolete parts tying up cash and lost sales costing you profits.

The Solution: Mighty’s proven ProfitWatch program. Our free inventory analysis identifies overstocked, out of stock and obsolete parts. But we don’t stop there. A plan to correct the problems and keep your inventory lean and turning for you is also included.

The result:

  • Improved coverage
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Reduced lost sales. Greater profits!

For your free, no obligation inventory analysis on the product line(s) of your choice, click the button below. 
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Targeted Registration-Based Inventory Management (TRIM)

“TRIM” Your Inventory!

Today’s Reality:

Parts proliferation makes deciding what to stock a challenge. In the past, suppliers relied heavily on popularity guides based on “historical” movement data.

Today’s Solution:

Mighty’s Target Registration-Based Inventory Management or TRIM.

To make sure your inventory is on target, Mighty matches the actual vehicles in operation in the zip codes you service with our parts application data.  The result, your have the right mix of inventory in stock. This means:

  • Improved Coverage with less overall inventory dollars
  • Fewer lost sales and call outs.
  • Increased bay efficiency and profits.

Ask your Mighty rep to put the power of TRIM to work for you!

TRIM reports include:

  • Vehicle counts by year, make and model
  • Maps by vehicle age and population
  • Stocking guides for Mighty brakes and filters

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Customized Training

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Inventory Management

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