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What makes us Mighty?


Mighty sources the highest quality auto parts from the world’s leading OE manufacturers, serving as the lynch-pin between manufacturers and only professional technicians from coast-to-coast. Add to that the added-value services of professional inventory management and obsolescence protection that translate into millions in profits for Mighty customers–profits that might otherwise be missed. The most unique element of this winning combination is Mighty’s organizational culture that prizes extraordinary personal service over all else; doing whatever it takes to enhance the success of its customer-partners.



How long as Mighty been in business?


It started in 1963 with a simple but powerful idea: Buy directly from the manufacturer and deliver directly to the installer, eliminating the unnecessary middleman and passing the savings on to you. Thus, our original name, MTY; it stood for Manufacturer To You.



What makes Mighty different than its competitors?


When Dallas “Dick” Wallace started selling tire repair products to service stations in Washington, DC, he learned quickly that people appreciated his weekly, face-to-face visits. As a result, business grew rapidly. The Mighty “trademark” is rooted in quality products and delivery with a personal touch by local citizens.



How does Mighty’s pricing compare to the competition?


Our pricing doesn’t just include products. It includes our top-of-the-line service, that is comprised of our three pillars:

  1. Business Insight: using a technology-focused approach, we can help you manage and even adjust your inventory to service your area, while keeping your inventory footprint low.
  2. Customized Training: we provide on-site and online training for you and your technicians to keep your team up to speed on the latest products, services and installation techniques.
  3. Inventory Management: we will personally organize and stock your Mighty products, ensuring that you have everything you need, when you need it.


Why have I never heard of Mighty?


If you’re reading this, it’s a pleasure to meet you! We partner with more than 25,000 repair facilities – from independents to large multi-bay specialty shops and tire centers. High-quality OEM parts, personalized local service and familiar faces that say, “We’re in this together,” make Mighty a dependable partner to the thousands of owners, corporations and professional automotive repair shops we serve across the United States.


How can I get more information about Mighty and the programs available?


We’re glad you asked. You can either fill out our contact form or call our office at 770.448.3900